Martijn How you know Android has an update problem: well-respected tech website reviewing a new Samsung phone writes it runs the 'dependable' Android KitKat. All the while Google is saying Android Lollipop has reached 'general availability'.
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😷 Everett Focus group of one here, but I've held off on updating my Nexus 5 to Lollipop. I've experienced Lollipop's UI changes on a couple of other devices, and I'm extremely hesitant to update my 'daily driver' device. I suppose I'll eventually have to update, but I'm in no rush. As someone who knows his Android, I would absolutely describe Kitkat as "dependable." That may not be what the reviewer meant when using that term, but it rings true to me.
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🏒 Lucian Marin They pretty much measure "public awareness" as "general availability" since KitKat can be easily updated to Lollipop by handset manufacturers.
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