Martijn I am trying to write more over at my own blog, so read my latest software struggles over here:
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Nkrs Nice looking design by the way. Are you using your own software for publishing, or someone else's?
5y, 41w 3 replies
Martijn Currently it is my own concoction. Though I am using the Slim framework to take care of routing and loading the "template" files. Working to implement so I will be able to fully split work between an editor and the back-end.
5y, 41w 2 replies
Mark Dain Nice! Is there an RSS feed? I don't really use RSS these days but perhaps you can auto-post a link to Sublevel?
5y, 42w 1 reply
Martijn Granary should be able to convert my h-feed into an Atom feed, if that is your thing When I have gotten my posting flow to where I want it, I hope to get POSSE in and cross-post to Sublevel. For now that's a low priority though.
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