Martijn Tumblr and the overall LGBTQ&c community are introducing way too specific labels for people to describe themselves by, in my opinion. Can't we just be ourselves without clinically categorising what that means?
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😀 Tom Last time someone used that label, there was an "A" in it. I don't even know what the "A" is supposed to stand for! I wonder if it's partially due to the desire to be unique or different.
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Martijn I am going to guess asexual, which unlike the T and Q does go in the sexuality-rather-than-gender-identity list.
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Nkrs This is all new to me -- could you show some examples?
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Martijn Hard to "show" it, as such. First there are separate gender and sexual identities. You can also have a different *-sexual from *-romantic (eg. biromantic heterosexual). Discussions about differences between bi-, omni-, and pan-, prefixes. Discussions about what is and is not a gender. Cis- prefix. Pronouns. Not to mention people who describe themselves having several as each. I don't mind if you want to do that. It does not affect me in any way. I am just questioning if it is helpful for anyone, including those who do it.
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Dorcas At first they kind of hejmjp
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Martijn I really tried, but can't figure out what you meant to say here
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