🏒 Lucian Marin It's unbelievable what Apple, Samsung and Google can do with Sony mobile camera sensors. Yet when comes to their own smartphones, Sony has one of the worst camera on the market: insane contrast and saturation, no details in dark areas, very poor low light capabilities, slow autofocus, HDR shot that's no different from a regular shot, no optical stabilization, etc.
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☕ David Antoine Agree. Even Huawei is doing pretty well in that department. At least, the Xperia M5 and XA Ultra are good cameraphones, maybe the only two in the entire lineup and they are two years old I think. I have a Nokia 808, the micro-USB port seems to be dead, I'm not sure, it doesn't charge anymore and gets hot when I plug it... I can't find any other smartphone as good as my old 808 when it comes to photography. The only letdown was the very narrow dynamic range... For the rest, it was great. goo.gl/photos/Xhjr...
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