Master Student at Oregon State University
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Started learning Finnish.
Finished all work on time. I'll spend my weekend to read Stephen Wolfram's new book and prepare some course material to teach a young girl how to start programming.
A well deserved family time ahead, then! Enjoy it fully. Those are the moments truly worthy of being lived.
Out of curiosity, are you reading "A Project to Find the Fundamental Theory of Physics"? I'd love to hear a physicist's take on that whole endeavor. Is it legit? I read the blog post when he announced it but really didn't understand much.
Spent ~5hrs to accomplish a function using Scheme.
Disappointed with Apple doesn't allow Google Stadia and MS xCloud publish their App into App Store. It's the best time to switch from the iPhone to Android devices.
Finished all my midterm tests. I also have some new study plan for the second half of this term. As a person not that much motivated, probably I should publish those plans here after I complete them.
Preparing for my midterm exam. Couldn't go to enjoy the summer with my friends.
Attracted by Smalltalk now. Can't wait to use Smalltalk for some side projects.