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👽 Lucian Marin SQL is the main bottleneck on Sublevel. Instead of planning new features, I'm tweaking the Postgres query planner. It's very hard to maintain a certain level of performance with SQL. Let's say you want all requests to be loaded in exact same amount of time. You can't do that. Each SQL query is different and they might behave differently under heavy load. I doubt NoSQL is any different. That's why a key-value store like Redis is perfect for high performance applications. You know in advance what's the performance for each value stored, so you can plan features as you write code.
Jonah George Out of curiosity, what sort of queries are the primary bottleneck?
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Asko P. What do you guys think of this signup page design?
Jonah George I really like the clean design . A minor nitpick: the UX of having first name above last name feels a little weird. I would expect First | Last <br> Email | Password
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