John Olinda Isn't calling the issue with the Note 5 pen being inserted backwards a design flaw sort of like saying that putting your car into reverse instead of drive and damaging it is a design flaw?
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🏒 Lucian Marin Clearly it's a design flaw because it damages the phone. But the best design decision is to allow it to be inserted either way.
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Martijn The stylus of my Nintendo DS can only be inserted 1 way, the stylus on the old Ericsson PDA phones could only be inserted 1 way, so why would Samsung allow a pen to be inserted *any* way? Does sound like a design flaw to me. They have this back art on the pen that is supposed to look like a button, right? Making it just half a millimeter wider would have solved all of this.
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John Olinda I see your point there, basically that it would have been easy to eliminate user error as a possibility, so why didn't they?
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