John Olinda Void Linux would be awesome if the installer actually worked or someone bothered to document the actual process.
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Mark Dain Same thing about OpenBSD. Everyone raves about it's security but I never figured out how to install it. Maybe that's why it's so secure?
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Martijn Ad Gentoo to that list? Nice and all, an everything-compiled-from-source distro with a ton of settings for security that nobody can figure out.
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John Olinda To be fair, I should say that the process is documented, but it's out of date. I find the Void Installer more difficult to use than the OpenBSD one though. And that's saying something. It's the partitioning and file system setup steps that keep bricking my computers. I've tried it in VMs and actual hardware, and GRUB refuses to install properly. And the tools they suggest you use if you have problems aren't included in the installer, so if you can't connect to WiFi, you're stuck.
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