Eric 1. Defends the (re)release of ten million passwords WITH usernames, 2. Criticises Boston Dynamics for its robots. It is really hard to get along with the HN community.
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Mark Dain I have no issue with releasing passwords. It's the kick up the ass a lot of people need, both developers and end users. Unless I'm thinking about this wrong?
Eric "I gave out free copies of my neighbors' house keys. Should serve as a harsh reminder to them that storing them under the mat isn't safe!" (I hate using metaphors but I'm too lazy to argue my point better tonight). "Perhaps the bank manager should have been more careful with the vault room keys! It's not my fault if those cut-copies I shared are used for robbery!" -- What is also a big moral issue is that a lot of people won't be aware that these passwords & usernames have been publicly shared.
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Martijn I really only read HN when another blog I like links to a good discussion that took place on it. I don't have the patience to go through all the bad comment threads on HN to find those few gems.
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