🉑 Vincent Leeuw So Assassin's Creed: Unity (a stab-the-bad-guy game set during the French Revolution) is a bit of a mess technically speaking. All sorts of bugs and errors plague the game, but it does lead to some gems like the following YouTube video. It's almost a worthy scene from a typical British comedy sketch. youtube.com/watch?...
Eric Fable 1 (& Lost Chapters) had a fantastic bug where the Guild Master would continually interrupt cut scenes and emotional moments with helpful hints. The murder of your sister becomes hilarity when during the most tense of scenes you're reminded to "Try and get your combat multiplier even higher" or that your "Health is low, do you have any potions or food?". The NPC's would also scream hysterically if you were evil enough, this would often interrupt cut-scenes, even more hil TRY TO GET YOUR COMBAT MULTIPLIER EVEN HIGHER.
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