🧿 Andrea What is your best kept secret life hack? Mine: if you're feeling sick (high fever, food poisoning, etc) and don't drink coke regularly, a half litter of frizzy full sugar coke and a pan fried piece of bread (naan works well) will do you miracles
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☕ David Antoine Well, it seems hiccups have some success, so my trick against it is, as soon as they start, I breathe in deeply and block my respiration there for minimum 15s. I don't know exactly what's the effect on my diaphragm but it systematically stop the hiccups after I exhaled. It never failed. For as long as I remember, meaning for the past 20 or 25 years at least...
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🔒 Trevor This very consistently works for me as well. I've had others try it when they're experiencing hiccups and seems to have worked for them. The most difficult part is concentrating on keeping your abdomen tense and getting over the mental block of expecting the hiccup.
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☕ David Antoine Never had a hiccup while keeping my abdomen tense but just in case I keep a small margin to be able to breathe a bit if necessary, just in case. So I inhale up to maybe 90 or 95% of my total capacity... Anyway it's nice to know I'm not the only one to do it! :)
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