☕ David Antoine Hum... Interesting. Apple to, maybe, refresh the entire MacBook line-up, again, at the WWD conference next month. Isn't that conference only software related ? Strange. I don't remember... Anyways, bring back the MagSafe please ! m.gsmarena.com/app...
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Martijn I actually read a take on why they might have removed the MagSafe to further their wireless-strategy, that I thought was really interesting: chuckskoda.com/ent... (via brooksreview.net)
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☕ David Antoine Yes I forgot about that possibility. It makes sense in that strategy. I still think they could have kept the MagSafe and remove it when wireless charging would have been ready to ship. But I guess it will be more easy to market the replacement of USB charging by wireless charging than do the same with the MagSafe connector, which is (was) more convenient. At least for those who are more reluctant to go full wireless... I wonder if the iPhone will be the first to go that route.
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🤔 John This will be really interesting to see! They made a lot of unforced errors with the recent changes, so maybe they will correct some of them...
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