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🧿 Dav Bell Why not open sourcing it?
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🧿 Dav Bell Why some text are white and some gray? I don't recognise any pattern
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🧿 Dav Bell Love the emoji thing - but what happens when > # emojis? Can we pay $8 per month to have the exclusive right to an emoji?
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🧿 Dav Bell amazed that it is possible to do this kind of website in python
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🧿 Dav Bell How to to back on the about page - from the mobile website pls edit: found it subreply.com/about edit2: why I can't reply to my message myself
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😀 Tom explaned the reason a while back, I forget what he said. I wanted the feature, but I do like the fact that it prevents basically what you see on Twitter sometimes with 1/X posts.
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