Aabbaabbaa How long ago did Pintrest become a walled garden? Try viewing a board without an account. I never had an account there but this isn't convincing me it's a good idea to get one. "Onboarding"
Coreh So they're essentially taking the Quora route?
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Eric is Quora worth the time investment of getting to? Their pages always seem so messy when landing from Google.
9y, 13w 2 replies
Coreh I think it's probably not worth it anymore. They used to hold really high quality content, but people are already complaining about the fall in quality due to uncontrolled growth in community. Stack Overflow and its sister sites are much nicer and more useful IMO.
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Aabbaabbaa It's just Expertsexchange 2.0 at this point. No point joining communities that treat users with such contempt from the get go.
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