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Coreh 'Sup meredith?
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Coreh Seeing all these messages in German makes me want to resume the German lessons in Duolingo...
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Eric is Quora worth the time investment of getting to? Their pages always seem so messy when landing from Google.
Coreh I think it's probably not worth it anymore. They used to hold really high quality content, but people are already complaining about the fall in quality due to uncontrolled growth in community. Stack Overflow and its sister sites are much nicer and more useful IMO.
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7 Bonsoir.
Coreh Ola!
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Aabbaabbaa How long ago did Pintrest become a walled garden? Try viewing a board without an account. I never had an account there but this isn't convincing me it's a good idea to get one. "Onboarding"
Coreh So they're essentially taking the Quora route?
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Coreh Does the percentages in the profile tab mean that "popular" people end up with a low score due to the sheer number of replies they receive? Will that then affect their visibility, making them "less popular", balancing the userbase and making everyone grow linearly in popularity?
🏃‍♂️ Lucian Marin The question is not how you become popular (big number of followers, replies, mentions), but why you become popular (quality of your updates and replies). The popularity can't be completely linear, but it can be constant and consistent.
Wi Ah right. Slightly annoying if you'd like to a few times - or at least update with new information later on down the line.
Coreh yeah, I'm getting kinda anxious typing things in my phone because one hit of the "Enter" button will submit the text and I wont be able to ammend/edit later.
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💬 Subreply By removing limitations like characters limit and adding constrains like one reply per member per dialogue. Also, the bad behaviour is solved to a certain degree by the way stats work.
Coreh Really interesting. This seems to be way more like "real" karma than reddit's upvote-based approach, which encourages attention seeking posts. One question about the guideline page: It says the data is publicly available, but no remixing is allowed. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of having it publicly available? Also who owns the data I type in, me or sublevel? Can I opt in into allowing my data remixed, like a creative commons license?
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Wi So if I reply to this now, I won't be able to reply again?
Coreh I think it's like a tree, so you're only allowed to reply once per tree "node". Pretty interesting design constraint because it makes it really easy to keep things under context, unlike twitter or a very long facebook thread.
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💬 Subreply There are a few design tweaks. The text input has priority, as well as the left gutter (usernames and time). Reload Sublevel if things look out of place.
Coreh Can you add some padding on the sides on mobile? The page feels somewhat cramped due to the lack of negative space. Just my 2C/ though, the design is great overall.
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Cmp Hi everyone... I'm here from the HN comments
Coreh Same! I am wondering how is this different from twitter, and how it solves the fundamental problem of scale mentioned in the hacker news discussion.
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