The universe, at your service
🐢 Xia I don't see my parents often, because we live far away from each other. When visiting this weekend it turned out my dad believes in wild conspiracy theories around Covid and more. We had a discussion, an argument about it and it only ended because my mom could not stand us getting angry. We didn't talk about it after that and I feel this stands between us and I'm disappointed and sad. I even thought about leaving early. I always thought highly of my dad and now, I don't know.
❤️ Brian Mcdonough serenity now ;)
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⌨️ Joseph I'm so disappointed with our response to COVID. It's mind boggling how bad we did.
❤️ Brian Mcdonough Nature is a mystery to even the most adept and experienced scientists. Attaching ourselves to a few data points and using that to feel may mean that we're looking for a reason to feel that way.
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❤️ Brian Mcdonough Will Kanye really run for president?
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