Brendan Murty Another thought provoking post by Brad Frost: How important are job titles anymore?
🉑 Vincent Leeuw This resonated with me. I've dabbled in game design, gamification, (technical) writing, graphic design and marketing. There's a lot I can do, but there's little I can say about it upfront. Usually I find a spot within a new organisation and simply grow into one or more directions. The downside is that organisations often don't realise this and I find myself being put aside as a cost cutting measure. It's hard to make apparent what role you are fulfilling if people can't place you into a box. Then again, I'd wouldn't want to be able to fit in such a box to start with.
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Brendan Murty It certainly is the nature of jobs these days, if you can assist in a way that is outside of your role why not do that? A good leader should notice these kind of actions by employees and encourage those "mortar" roles.
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