Brendan Murty Another thought provoking post by Brad Frost: How important are job titles anymore?
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Bas Poppink In my experience, digital creatives are T-shaped out if necessity. That applies to both creative developers and designers. You simply need to know at least the basics of graphic design, interaction and code to be able to come up with feasible and innovative ideas. So while this should be nothing new for the people doing the work, it could be an eye-opener for management...
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🉑 Vincent Leeuw This resonated with me. I've dabbled in game design, gamification, (technical) writing, graphic design and marketing. There's a lot I can do, but there's little I can say about it upfront. Usually I find a spot within a new organisation and simply grow into one or more directions. The downside is that organisations often don't realise this and I find myself being put aside as a cost cutting measure. It's hard to make apparent what role you are fulfilling if people can't place you into a box. Then again, I'd wouldn't want to be able to fit in such a box to start with.
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Brendan Murty It certainly is the nature of jobs these days, if you can assist in a way that is outside of your role why not do that? A good leader should notice these kind of actions by employees and encourage those "mortar" roles.
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Martijn Some of them are important enough to get their own Twitter account (although the bot might be down, it hasn't reflected Jeremy's change after reading Brad's post)
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