Mark Dain I woke up at about 11 AM today. My phone, despite being plugged in overnight died just now. So that's about 5 hours of use. It's been locked, in my pocket, almost all of today. I'm starting to get annoyed with the battery life of the iPhone 6. Is the solution just to have it permanently tethered to a power source? Seems kinda pathetic if you ask me...
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😀 Tom Does the iPhone have any apps that monitor battery usage by process, or do you have to jailbreak for that? When I bought an iPhone 4, the Apple Store people claimed there was a defective background process draining my battery and causing it to overheat when charging and that reinstalling iOS would fix it (I noped and asked for a replacement, day after launch, so no refurbs then).
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Mark Dain You can see a breakdown of battery usage in the settings. Actually yesterday my phone was burning in my pocket so I wonder if there's something to that (overheating? Burning CPU cycles?). I'm just going to leave it plugged in all the time. I already pulled every setting I can think of related to this (like turning off background app refresh).
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