Mark Dain I just noticed today I'm actually finding Fahrenheit more understandable than Celsius. I made a conscious effort maybe about about 6 months ago to start using it everywhere (every app/OS/thermometer I set to F). Just now I saw 30deg and instinctively thought "that's so cold!"
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😀 Tom Lol, it would have been nice if we all went to one standard, and metric does make sense... I'll keep using standard though.
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Mark Dain Oh definitely. It's a bit of a mess right now; if you order Dominos (USA) the drinks are like 550 fl oz or 2 L. You can't change units half way through like that! But yeah I'll adapt to whatever people use so I have one less thing to think about when I finally move. Units I do get: Fahrenheit, miles, pounds, inches (sort-of, working on it). Units I don't understand intuitively yet: yards, ounces, fluid ounces, pints (does the USA use pints?).
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