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😀 Tom Awesome! I'm glad you're enjoying Texas! To be fair though, I think Dallas is a lot nicer than Houston. There are a lot of small cities/towns in Texas that are very nice too. Most notably Fredricksburg and Brenham. It's been over a decade since I've last seen San Antonio, but I think you'll enjoy there as well. Also, I think AT&T has one of the best networks here, so I'm sorry you're having a bad experience with that (maybe it's the roaming). Though our cellular network isn't the best in the world since our country is so large and spread out compared to European countries.
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Mark Dain Yeah it may be roaming as I don't get 4G here but I do in the U.K. -- it's not much of an issue as I'm having a great time regardless! I just got done with the state fair so I'm going to go home and rest then I have a range I need to visit :)
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