Mark Dain [1/2] So expat meet up went really well. About 10 of us went to Pop Brixton; possibly the coolest place to hang out in London. The entire building is made out of shipping containers. There's also food and alcohol being sold everywhere and live music. Everyone there was really cool and I had a great time! I'm hoping to meet a few of them at the other meet up (with 250 people) but the venue still hasn't been announced. It's just "somewhere in London" so that may fall through the floor.
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Eric How was the shipping container venue really? I believe they're building one as a shopping centre in Croydon (my 2nd home). Interested in how the idea would work in reality.
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Mark Dain The containers are stacked at different angles to give a wall around the place, but there's no roof for most of it. The first floor was built on containers and on the ground floor, the containers were turned into little places to buy food & drinks. Honestly the design is so creative. The floorplan is here: (we were in the grassy area up the stairs -- the plants are on the roof). Here's a good photo of the outside: now-here-this.time...
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