Mark Dain Can anyone remember if Apple Developer accounts are free for individuals? I used to have a provisioning profile but it was revoked when I tried to deploy an app I'm building. They now want PS79 from me?
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Martijn Definitely not free. Something I was very annoyed about. You even have to pay them just to develop a Safari extension!
7y, 30w 1 reply
Mark Dain Oh wow. Well, I found a way to get my app loaded onto my phone without paying (Xcode can manage provisioning profiles for you). I suppose that'll have to do for now
7y, 29w reply
Xasasfdasfd I think for a while account was free, but access to stuff like SDKs and provisioning is $$. Their UI is such a steaming piece of shit though that I refuse to go there except when I absolutely have to.
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