Adam Douglas So I've been given an iPad. I pretty much hate tablets, but propping this thing up as an email terminal is quite liberating. One less window I have to have open. Very expensive for an email terminal but I must say the battery life is actually very impressive. This thing just will not die.
🦾 Lucian Marin I almost bought an iPad last week. But changed my mind since it'll probably get dust just like my iPod classic. Instead I'll look forward to the new iPhones.
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Adam Douglas It is a bit annoying to have zero command line and so on. Panic's Transmit and Prompt make it easy to manage servers on the go (less cumbersome than a laptop/chromebook but bigger screen than a phone). If the iPad shipped with full OS X, it'd possibly be better--but then why would one get an iPad and not a MacBook? It's weird; part of the iPad's charm lies in its being crippled. The rigidity of iOS actually streamlines your activity, you don't waste time trying to customise every little detail.
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