Adam Douglas Bye bye Android. Bye bye giant phone. Hello reasonably-sized iPhone 5. Life is good again. (Time until complaint about iOS keyboard: t minus 12 hrs 10 minutes)
John Olinda Is it the black version? I wish they would bring that color back.
7y, 46w 3 replies
Adam Douglas No, it's a white/silver one. Technical director at our company has a black one but it's only a colour; I wouldn't swap because his battery is in worse shape.
7y, 46w 2 replies
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John Olinda Yeah, that's true. I'm pleased they're bringing back the darker color in the MacBook line, but it still isn't as nice as the black. Glad you found a phone you like!
7y, 46w 1 reply
Adam Douglas Well it's rather egoistic of me to make the trials and tribulations of finding a tolerable smartphone the subject of a thread of conversation, but I am genuinely relieved to have a half-decent battery life and a small-form-factor again. I hate that I rely on a mobile device so much but damn it, it's a wallet, a terminal, a status monitor for my sites, not to mention a communications platform even down to IRC.
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