Adam Douglas I hate money. I also hate people who say "there are more important things in life" -- I've yet to hear this from a person struggling financially. I've met homeless bums who say this, but there was an irony in their inflection and gaze that made it quite clear that money is of paramount importance. Typically it's some rich arsehole who says that money is not so important because they have to think about it.
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Mark Dain I think people mean there's more important pursuits than just trying to get richer. Money is a tool that can accomplish a lot which is why people like it. I wish I were crazy rich I'd pour millions into Linux+Mozilla and I'd also start an ISP that does end-to-end encryption. But here the goal is securing the right to privacy rather than trying to make money from the ISP -- heck I'd probably run it at a loss if I had money to throw away just so I can get more people on board. For the record, I make enough to live comfortably without being in any real debt (I'm currently paying off a credit card from my visit to Texas last year).
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Adam Douglas Sorry, I meant *"they don't have to think about it" I know of no pursuits more important than the acquisition of money. As you point out, the pursuits you perceive as being more important absolutely require money to be realised. Thus, by definition, money is more important. In terms of philosophical significance, yes, the ends are more important than the means, but not in reality.
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