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April 2nd: a good opportunity to mark "all read" on our inboxes and feed readers, in order to avoid belatedly being caught by an April Fool's joke in a couple of weeks time...
Another rather painful April Fool's comes to a merciful end. The best ever prank was already done some 59 years ago by the BBC, and will certainly never be topped (plus, it has a Swiss connection!). Maybe it's time we put a lighter touch to it, at least online? See for yourself: More information about this wonderful, wonderful prank: and
Happy International Fish Day
That's a thing? Also, why are you a pig on international fish day?
"Pal, I got a license to piss, I got a license to kiss, An' I got a license to pee at four in the morning. I got licenses for things I do with my wife an' I got licenses for things I don't do with my wife. I got licenses for bad dreams, pal. I got licenses you wouldn't believe. Now buzz the fuck off, okay ?" -- Taffey Lewis (from the original 1981 Blade Runner script)
"Sonita", about and with Sonita Alizadeh (whom you may know from her clip ), was undoubtely one of the strongest discoveries of this year's Fribourg International Film Festival . The movie comes out in theatres this Wednesday in Switzerland: don't miss it!
My PIN Code is 664R on Tribe ( )
How is that free?! Looks interesting.
Running around collecting the last missing props for our next stage production.
I forgot how cramped and overcrowded the Gothard line is... The new Base Tunnel alone won't solve this, we also need new rolling stock.
Sometimes a theatre play is simply writing itself while you watch
Instead of mentioning the previous post, you can do this: -- magic, right?
Two crones loudly quote semi-religious verses while crunching crackers and gulping white wine as if there's no tomorrow. I just love train travels.
Going South of the Alps for a couple of days
NPM & left-pad: Have We Forgotten How To Program?
That awkward moment when Apple mocked good hardware and poor people
Ouch. This was some marketing gone very badly. Although in the last few years Apple products have gotten less user serviceable. Even the new Mac Mini now has RAM soldered to the motherboard! I'm typing this on a Late 2012 Mac Mini which originally came with 8 GB of RAM but I upgraded to 16. The old non-retina MacBook Pro (still available) has some user serviceable parts but the Retina models are more locked down. This is the really sad thing; Apple can, and used to, do better
I don't see anything wrong with using an older computer. Sure, newer software often expects newer hardware and things might go slower than usual, but I don't think that warrants a full computer upgrade every year (and if you ask me, software developers are to blame). I'm personally using a 7 year old desktop; I've changed the motherboard and added more RAM, but that's it. I do have a newer laptop, but it's much nicer to type on a mechanical keyboard and look at a 24" screen.
Falsehoods Programmers Believe
<<Je suis Belge, Madame!>> -- H.P.
"Whenever I smell asphalt, I think of Full Throttle." - Announcing Full Throttle Remastered