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How low have we fallen... The WWW used to be a dream of a better informed world where everyone could have a voice. Instead:
Somehow I did not manage to read this article before now: John Conway Solved Mathematical Problems With His Bare Hands
I supported it, just for the sheer cheek of it!
Trying something new that was something old that is something new again:
Psion: the last computer
I've got an invite for Refind. First-come, first-served!
Looks cool, what sort of stuff are you putting on there?
"Save and discover what matters most to you." -- That's what Pinboard is for! Haha.
Purple Tears
The First Roman Fonts
Inuit Cartography decolonialatlas.wo... & Polynesian Stick Charts
Brutalist Websites -
Some of those I really like. Some I do not. Interesting inspiration though.
Being Hercule Poirot [?]
I am distracted by the pattern on the vest. That's one fancy suit.
The return of the Polaroid camera: the Impossible I-1 us.impossible-proj...
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