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Eric I wish UK media would stop referring to Russia as Vladimir Putin's Russia. They only employ this style when the nation in question is 'the bad guy' in their eyes. Please stop, it's so transparent.
Reverendshaft Oddly enough, I just read an article not more than an hour ago and thought the same thing. It also is not lost on me that those on the Communist end of the spectrum see things like this and have little option but to add them as fuel to the fire of Western hypocrisy.
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Mark Dain On Thursday I called out a co-worker on some bad code he'd written on the front end and that caused some tension in the office. What is the best approach to letting people know they need to write more maintainable code and stick to accepted conventions (everyone else uses tabs, he uses spaces). Stuff like that, it's small but it really drags down the quality which we're trying to raise.
Reverendshaft In our development department, we have an open peer review culture, where other developers are /expected/ to raise concerns over the code other developers present. It's not uncommon for an intern to question a lead developer's work, and it raises the bar without putting any one person under an uncommon level of scrutiny.
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