Musik - Kabarett. Berliner Institut fur experimentelle Idiotie.
24 although I'm not sure I age, Design guy & now
2y, 21w 🧐 Nrmn
Programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and Hacker based in Berlin. ~ 37y old in Germany
2y, 21w Adsr
A cat. On a synthesizer. In space.
Address : Berlin - Germany Watchband Direct gives watch-wearers a way to change up the look of their watch affordably
Like Big Lewboski's landlord ~ 51y old in Berlin
Person living in Berlin
~ 34y old in Berlin
architect turned dev ~ 41y old in Berlin
normal guy into computers, guns and cars. Sysad
~ 33y old in Berlin
~30 y/o male based in Berlin but home to the world
hacker, researcher, entrepreneur.