Martijn Apparently position:relative and overflow:hidden can help browsers render your CSS even faster. I wonder if could implement these without breaking anything.
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Paulall The ironic part is that (typical) cryptic-css-voodoo-crap is stored in a file labeled sanitize.css.
Martijn I don't think sanitize.css is very cryptic, though they aren't the best documented CSS project either. The HTML5 Boilerplate's CSS is a bit more cryptic, I think. While normalize.css' documentation is superb. Either way, CSS will keep boggling everybody's minds. And welcome to Sublevel! I hope you have given a good look
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Mark Dain That's interesting, doesn't most stuff default to position: relative anyway?
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Martijn No, position:static is the default. Which is why you can't use top/right/bottom/left without defining position.
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