Martijn I'm still waiting for any of these accounts to start posting
Eric They will post some really interesting content, any time now..
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Martijn There are a few more, actually. A search for 'escort' on the username, profile_website, and profile_bio fields (after pulling down the list of all users) actually gives me 20 different profiles. Some are flying under the radar! (Also, my latest follower seems to be one. Cool!)
7y, 30w 6 replies
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Eric I wonder what the pay is to advertise these types of "services". Do the girls pay a fee? Perhaps the pimp (if they still exist) does it all or it'd be interesting to know what sort of firm runs the accounts lol
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Martijn I was thinking of emailing them and ask about their presence on Sublevel. Which is why I pulled down the user list through the API, only way I could think of to find as many of these accounts as possible.
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