Martijn Let's end the day in one of the best possible ways: romantic comedy and a glass of white wine. If someone wants to pay me for these evenings I will literally have a house build around a screen and a duvet and invite people to join me whenever they feel like it. PS: These evenings will normally contain chocolate.
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Lucy Monroe Perhaps a nice moscato.
7y, 31w 3 replies
Martijn Perhaps next time. I was drinking a Guntrum Riesling yesterday, a wine we tried mostly for its description in the store that said it had a hint of wine gums.
7y, 31w 2 replies
Eric Do you not prefer red wine?
7y, 31w 1 reply
Martijn I like red wine too. My favourite is a bubbly rose though (Black Tower Pink Bubbly). It is mostly my mom and I who drink wine here, and she isn't big on heavier red wines. Leading to mostly whites and roses in our fridge.
7y, 31w reply