Martijn Sublevel has made it into the second spot on my Opera Mini home page. Only lacking behind DuckDuckGo.
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🏒 Lucian Marin In my quick research it seems that Opera Mini ignores the JavaScript, so I increased the height of textarea for accessibility. It works quite OK on my iPhone, but I hope you would do try it too and post the results.
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Martijn Opera Mini does not seem to ignore the JavaScript for me. Instead I see a 2 rows high textarea (which is great for accessibility on Opera Mini for sure) that I get to write in. When I am done writing I can't just go to the "Publish" button but instead I have to trigger a reload. The annoying thing is the reload doesn't seem to do anything, it does not resize the textarea. Sublevel is a really lean site so the reload is done swiftly but it is still an extra step. I'll see if I can document it in more detail when I'm not in class.
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