Martijn For the second day of IWC Nurnberg, I worked on a gender page for my profile ( and did a write-up on a new microformats property (in development):
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Mark Dain Perhaps I'm being ignorant or completely out of touch with these sorts of issues but let me ask, do we need this much information? Please help me understand as it seems rather complicated. If I ask someone in the street "what's your gender?" I don't think I could process "I'm 70% male" but that's what's being said here. Would it be enough to have gender & pronouns on your micro formats profile?
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Martijn Short answer: say whatever you like, but short 1 word genders are easier day-to-day. I was just giving the scale-based Genderbread Person model a shot. It is definitely overly complicated, which is also why there is a 1 sentence summary up top. I am still not sure what I think of the model. It might not have any application outside of LGBT workshops. Pronouns were my main focus, not gender.
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