Martijn Hexcells (store.steampowered...) is a surprisingly clever little game! 1 1/2 hours spent to get the perfect score on all 30 puzzles.
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😀 Tom Sudoko meets Minesweeper? There's a spin-off app in the Google Play Store called SIXCELLS.
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Martijn It starts as a basic hex-based Minesweeper, an then slowly introduces some extra elements like picross-like numbers that tell you how many mines there are in a single column, and so on. Making all of them solvable without ever needing to guess a single thing. SIXCELLS looks more like a clone than a spin-off though, and I don't really want to support the part of the mobile market that is based on ripping off genuine developers 😶 If Matthew Brown brings Hexcells to Anroid I will be all over that though!
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