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🐵 David Thanks for sending the email. I have already forgotten about it, because it has changed names--and TLDs--four(?) times now.
Iea I've got 4 saved for this username/password in 1Password.
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Iea Just wanted to say that the Bicolor link in the footer is missing a fullstop before `com`. ()
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🧙 Lucian Marin Newscafe is my newest project and it's up at Right now it fetches some RSS feeds and ranks the links by number of shares on Facebook. But it can be much more with better sources and interesting metadata.
Iea Seems to have some decent stories so far! I'm curious though about the overlap of people who use Facebook, and the quality of links.
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Lois what are some good resources for weaning oneself off jquery...
Kodo SPA?
Iea Singe-page application, aka, overkill (usually).
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🧙 Lucian Marin Just don't use vim... ;)
Iea Blasphemy :P
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