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🤔 Eamonn Mchugh-roohr Jenkins apparently has no way to stop running builds. They should have named it Casey Jones...
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🦿 Lucian Marin It's possible that your user doesn't have the rights assigned to it to stop or cancel builds.
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☔ Johannes Agreed. After having worked a lot in clumsy ORM-heavy codebases (recently, using Laravel's Eloquent) I'm very interested in more directly DB-oriented solutions. What I wonder when I read about stuff like this though is how folks usually version control stored procedures.
🤔 Eamonn Mchugh-roohr One option is to have a version controlled project with a script to update the stored procedures and keep them there.
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🤔 Eamonn Mchugh-roohr Ok, here's something, my very small static site generator. Which is to say, it's Jinja2 and 16 lines of python to stick a yaml config into it:
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