🤔 David Since the post was deleted I'll ping you here. I agree that identities do not affect the quality of a person's opinion. Yet, the color, gender, or sexual orientation of a person may strongly relate to their held beliefs. Including a greater number of those people will also increase contributions in support or defense of those positions. So, actively promoting and including people from all backgrounds greatly assists the diversity of contributions. Do you disagree?
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🗜️ Mx I wholeheartedly agree! The central message here is that societies need more intellectual diversity. The color of the skin, gender and sexual orientations are a byproduct of that and may or may not correlate in an expected fashion.
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🤔 David I appreciate your response. I am a great advocate of discussions, especially difficult ones, which aim to explain a side/perspective without the intent to discount views based on stance. That being said, I personally dislike comments crafted as bait and intentionally disparaging to provoke conflict. When I encounter that, I will listen to the other side but not engage in argument since doing so is pointless.
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