Nkrs It's actually a homework where we had to derive and solve the equation for the hydrogen atom, there's not much about the equation itself. I got some extra time these days so I'll try to get it up; I'd also have to translate it to English, which could take a while considering its length.
Noah Bishop I am sure the "Translate to English" feature will help with the translation so you can just use Serbian, I had close to no trouble reading you derivation of the Saha equation. That being said, kudos to you and best of luck :)
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Nkrs To be honest, I am not even sure what specifically this status was about. Judging by the date I'd say it was regarding a very old textbook where it said that enzyme catalysis isn't affected by changes in pH, but I'm just guessing.
Noah Bishop I see. By the way, I checked your website, and was intrigued by the fact that you wrote an essay about the Schrodinger equation. I took a chemistry class back in college and we come across the equation but only briefly and it left kind of hanging. I am curious to read your essay if you don't mind.
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Nkrs Common source of frustration is finding something in a book that is wrong or outdated and having to decide whether or not to just learn it as it is.
Noah Bishop Just keep it in your short term memory.
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