currently exploring the computational universe through rust and dwarf fortress
⚒️ Dopu Starting an embark in Dwarf Fortress in the middle of some marshlands, which I've never done before. Setting up walls around a small section of a brook, and digging down next to the water. There's a necromancer tower nearby. We'll see how well we can hold out.
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🧿 Andrea Keep us posted!
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⚒️ Dopu I don't know if learning rust has been such an enriching experience because I finally know enough about programming to understand what the docs are trying to say, or if it's because the language is well designed and internally consistent. Probably both.
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🚀 Jason Lex What's the thing you hate most about mainstream social media?
⚒️ Dopu the likes. the performance.
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⚒️ Dopu hello world!
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