🙄 Doug Belshaw Just posted on Markdawn for the first time: markdawn.com/p/79 (I think should cross-promote a bit more, Sublevel and Markdawn seem to go together like peanut butter and jam!)
🏒 Lucian Marin Sublevel started as the comment section of Markdawn. Markdown syntax is just painful to people who are computer illiterate.
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🙄 Doug Belshaw From a web literacy point of view (and I know some people disagree) I think Markdown is a really nice way to get people to understand how HTML works as a concept.
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🏒 Lucian Marin I had a hard time explaining Markdown syntax to people who barely know how to use Microsoft Word. Markdawn can be great as a platform for people who want to learn or already know Markdown syntax and LaTeX.
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