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Lovely talk from Maxon on the actuators they developed for Curiosity and Perseverance:
I'm somewhat surprised you can't yet collateralize a twitter account. More so that twitter isn't the one on the backend of that transaction. Which would let them set up a market for twitter accounts, so you could speculate on account value. Truly makes twitter seem undercapitalized in the same way, say, Nicaragua is. It would be cool if anyone could take out a loan on their Twitter account, might give lots of people more access to capital than currently can.
Moody's Analysis of Biden's American Jobs Plan:
enjoyed this presentation by Palmer Luckey to the Air Force Mobility Command back in october: the tech-defense dynamic is often discussed but he provided examples which i don't think ive heard before. good for watching at >2x
Walter Isaacson taught a course at Tulane and all the lectures on YouTube! 'The Digital Revolution: From Ada to Zuckerberg':
Was curious about blind, somewhat useful but many of the people on that app are tremendously mean. What's lost by being helpful and kind?
Something is in the water at UNSW. They seem to be producing an increasing number of talented engineers and all the side-effects that come with that
Watching 'the dawn wall' while programming tonight, an excellent movie on process, for those that enjoy that sort of thing. edit: it's about climbing el capitan
Didn't watch it... Does Tim Cook welcome you at the summit with: "Good morning!"? Ok, I see myself out...
Today I learned that, much like pilots have a specific way of saying letters to more clearly distinguish each sound through static (e.g. Tango, Lima etc.), architects have developed their own lettering format to disambiguate between letters. Interesting how fields develop custom communication protocols to deal with noise in their given medium.
The correlation between a project being a grift and it being run by the child of someone who made their money in the 90s tech boom seems to be nearly 1. I mean, I suppose there isn't much wrong with sinking money into something your kid wants to do, but these projects seem little more than attempts at justifying a life-style and laundering status
the lesbian masterdoc continues to fascinate both as a cultural artifact on its own and by its outsized impact. strong sense itll be retained and passed along in some form, if not the original
This is fairly fascinating: To me this implies that non-professional, or even pre-programmed surgery is right around the corner. pretty cyberpunk actually
Fascinating. The average bypass surgery in the USA is 123K DLLS. With insurance people here end with a 40K 50K dollar tab on you way out of the Hospital. Hopefully the DaVinci machine brings the price down.
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