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Volkswagen titled their internal project to beat Tesla 'Project T', definitely a missed opportunity to call it 'Edison'
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love reading through the makani source code, keep going back to it every so often. itd be neat if more defunct companies open sourced their codebases
Do folks who invest in tech get value out of talking to one another? Of the few conversations I've been able to listen in on, they seem maddeningly general, and quite divorced from what you might talk to a customer about. Alternatively, perhaps they share a common context which I'm not yet privy too?
Ciro Santilli is an interesting corner case in the pantheon of high-conscientious, mostly online(?) individuals. Other notable figures here being Alexey Guzey, Gwern, etc.
So, are the rumours are true... there is an "offline world"? I thought it had been a myth all along. Seriously though, I didn't know about Guzey and Gwern. I'm actually gonna say hi to Guzey. Keep dropping names if you have other similar ones.
It would be neat to find a site with a listing of notable bloggers in niche domains.
The current exodus of tech-talent into other industries has strong resonance with the exodus of physicists into other fields in the early 80s, I suspect the impact will be largely similar; lots of low-hanging fruit.
Thinking about why stenotype-like machines never emerged among programmers. Moreover, stenotypes for various kinds of specialists-who-use-a-computer to reduce friction between their mind and the particular idiom they operate in. To some degree, tab completion and language servers are the 'duct tape'-solution here. The economic reasons here are obvious for the average individual, but what about at the margin, seems reasonable to expect for something like that to emerge.
The computer history museum's oral history videos are incredibly insightful. It'd be useful to have something identical for other fields as well.
Yes, Starlink is still underrated as a technology on its own terms. But its even more underrated as a Gurridic tool for social change (see When internet access is decentralized, authoritarian tools for controlling information (e.g. the great fire wall) no longer work.
Don't know if it can be fully decentralized, Starlink still needs access to ground relays and governments approval. But I'm not a specialist anyway... Also, dozens of thousands of satellites are gonna be a disaster for ground astronomy. What's next? Giant orbital billboards for ads? Makes me depressed to think about it... I'm all for it but they need to limit the max amount of operational satellites, because big corporations will not care.
there's a great book to be written on the economic impact of rails. i'd love to see a side by side graph showing rails adoption and the number of launched startups
Rails was so popular that people started mistaking Rails with Ruby as in: "I program in Rails". For some unknown reason to me did not embed in the internals of Linux distributions, it was always an option, like Lisp.
link posts are best posts!
I don't think I've ever seen someone talk about Steven Hugg's programming books, which is a shame because they're really good! Fun use of verilog.
Peter Woit has a YouTube channel!
Today I found a book entitled: 'Thog's Guide to Quantum Economics' ( Even odder than the title is that it was written by two (presumably?) sane people: a professor of accounting at USC and the former chairman of the NASDAQ, who was also CFO at Microsoft. What?!? Anyway, that's what I'm reading tonight lmao
For mathematics and physics to map 1-1 to economics we must posit humans to be rational in nature. They aren't. Physics is to economics what astronomy is to astrology :)
the marvel studios part of disneys investor day was very impressive; kang, god butcher, etc. Teenage me would be out-of-his-mind excited
Should I be surprised that Juran's work on quality has been (seemingly?) ignored by modern sv? I have yet to read any of his stuff but, at a glance, it seems terribly relevant