🐢 Xia Do you know the feeling of sometimes feeling alone in the world despite family and friends? What do you do about it?
🧩 Ben One thing I realized more and more as I got older is that no one really cares about anyone else. If you want to be friends with someone, or be a part of someone's life (and vice versa), you have to impose yourself on them. For example, if you want to play tennis with someone, keep bothering them about it. If you want to play video games with someone, keep bothering them about it. Sometimes it feels difficult or socially awkward but if you keep doing it, it gets better.
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🐢 Xia Yeah, I guess for me it was the feeling of not being important to someone who's important to me. So that you just said makes total sense.
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🧩 Ben i feel like you can kind of hack friendships. 1) figure out a set of people that you have similar interests with and who you want to be around (like more than a 5 or 6) 2) keep bothering them about hanging out - try to accumulate time spent, preferably in person. i heard somewhere that the target time is like 40-60 hours, but more is better. also better to have a shared hobby. 3) don't get caught up on people not liking you. reminds me of asking people out in high school
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