I am a librarian
Joined 6y, 15w ago. Seen 1w ago.
Another day, another job interview with the search committee -sigh-
What are their findings? :D (srry)
Good luck! Hope it all goes well
Welcome back to Subreply (fka Sublevel) everyone!
:-) Thank you, and same to you!
I'm looking forward to engaging with this community!
It seems like iMovie will be the best for capturing analog video. I just need to figure it out! Also: It's Friday!
Good luck! And TGIF!!!
3 back-to-back meetings this morning. Thankfully the 3rd meeting facilitator gave us a 5-min break!
How was the rest of your day?
Can I use VLC or Avidemux to transfer analog video from a camcorder to a computer? What about Handbrake?
Ugh! Interview is cancelled because the candidate withdrew from the search!
Dreamt that my husband and I went to Taiwan. I then realized I had gone there over 20 years ago (not true)
WOW! What is your subconscious trying to tell you?
I have a busy day today which includes interviewing a job candidate
Just two months ago I was more stressed than a job candidate. It was my first time interviewing someone. After a few weeks in the role management asked me to join interviews.
Hi...my first post on the new Subreply! I love that we can keep track of conversation threads!
Hooray! It's back!!
Nothing much to say except: It's Friday!
Friday is always relaxing!
Would it be considered gauche to use hashtags on here? Are they even supported?
I'm pretty sure are supported.
Theyre supported but no one uses them. I don't ever see the point. Infact the word Hashtag grinds my gears.
They are supported because people expect them to be supported. They are useful in some cases.
Hi. Been hearing a lot about Ello, but there are a lot of complaints about its user interface. Saw a link to Sublevel in an article comment, so I decided to check it out. It seems to be somewhat similar to Ello in that it's trying to be minimal, but Sublevel acutally seems to have a nicer looking interface. I'll try this out and see how it goes...
I requested an invite to Ello just to see if I'd get it. Nothing yet, but this site is an interesting diversion. I just wish it was more active.
I just arrived here the same way. Never heard of sublevel until somebody mentioned it in a comment.
Same here. SL was (and still is) completely new to me, yet to hear from Ello.
Also found about sublevel through the Ello hub bub, as far as design goes I like it better than Ello, but I'm not sure I have any reason to use either service, I've had twitter forever and barely use it.