Adam Douglas Anybody tune into tonight? It was pretty cool to see Ukraine snatch the crown out of Russia's teeth.
Martijn I watch every year. One week per year I go 100% gay stereotype, filling my Facebook feed with comments about dresses and choreography. I never expected Ukraine to win though.
Adam Douglas I did, but I was very much hoping I would be wrong. Bulgaria, France and Spain were my favourites. Even Cyprus with Xerxes at the helm were all right. Of course my wife felt pity for Ukraine and made me cast a vote for them Ukraine too. /Sigh. I mean Crimea is tragic but it's a bit contrived for the West to take pity on Crimea after Iraq/Afghanistan/others.
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Martijn I liked France too. Australia and Russia weren't too bad either, well deserved spots at the top. Ukraine was a total surprise to me because I don't go for the type of music at all. Would have sooner given my vote to Russia, although politically I would never consider backing them.
Adam Douglas That's the trouble with Eurovision. It's not supposed to be political, yet everybody is with some reading centuries of history into a vote for a song. And why not? Australia must have been something of a relief for juries because they're a neutral party. It was okay, didn't like the song but the singer had a great voice.