Full stack development as a junior dev feels problematic. There's so much stuff to learn that the end results are mediocre and myopic.
Are you hung up on something in particular on the frontend or backend?
Don't worry! A full stack developer is actually a fallacy. runnaroo.com/searc...
I mirrored MDN on my web server but it is not well searchable or anything: koehr.in/mdn Let's hope I'm just paranoid and MDN will survive this madness.
good call haha
Nice initiative but as it is open source we have the git repo at github.com/mdn/dev... Maybe doing a mirror of this repo would be more helpful ! (:
What we see every day shapes our motivations. Podcast Hidden Brain The Mind's Eye.
I'm currently going through Rustlings, (github.com/rust-la...) (which is by the way a great experience to learn the language !) but I was wondering, what to do with this new knowledge ? What can I implement ?
Since even the Linux kernel is adding support for Rust, I'd say you can implement literally everything from device drivers to web-applications.
Is it hotter than normal where you are in the world, too?
I'm no climate change denier, but no. Why? Because I live in a sub-tropical region, where it's hot all year. The variation on temperature is minimal. Now, people here tell me the weather patterns are different, with the rainy season being now much more unpredictable. I'm on the NE part of Brazil, btw.
Last two years broke a lot of weather records... It's really warm now but luckily not much worse than before.
Here in north UK, it most certainly is. It's not even raining.
Just a short note of appreciation, for everyone who is making a positive contribution to this community and to everyone behind the scenes who are working on this platform. Or is it just you, ?
Seconded that. Including you, Diva.
I also am joining in the appreciation for Subreply. It's amazing that after a hiatus, it was able to be revived.
Just waiting for the thunderstorms, as promised in the weather forecasts...
This morning the clouds darkened the city so much I had to double check that my phone didn't change time zones 3 hours ahead. Streetlamps were still on.
same here - can't wait for some rain to cool the atmosphere.
My favourite song from "Hamilton" is still "Satisfied": Renee Elise Goldsberry is a diva in the purest sense of the word. She sings and raps in the song; she reveals the highs and lows of being infatuated; and she takes the audience with her on the emotional rollercoaster! BRAVA!
(Except for the two seconds in Right Hand Man with the digitized horse whinny) My personal favorite is Burn. Perhaps less emotionally dynamic as a song, but I've always admired Phillipa Soo's ability to put strength in sorrow.
I like your website design.
I like the idea of exoskeletons for rehabilitation (e.g. make paraplegic people walk again) but I dislike human enhancement stuff. Why use an exoskeleton to lift 1000 lbs? Just use a remote controlled robot, or a fork lift! Want to run at 60 mph? Use a car! Just imagine if something goes wrong with the control system or the freaking battery connector fails while the user is lifting 1000 lbs above their head.
That's a very grounded argument you have there. Never thought it like that before. And it makes much sense once you think about it from a practical point of view. All tech fails at some point. And your scenarios, though focusing on very fringe instances, are entirely within the realm of possibility.
Are there any linux sysadmins that have ADHD? I have it bad and find it challenging sometimes. How do you handle remembering everything?
By creating bash scripts and keeping them versioned in git. I can't work with Jenkins without jobConfigHistory plugin.
Five out Five people agree that Russian Roulette is safe.
lol! Five agreed, one has not yet responded.
With years my mindset is changing from "I gotta run out of this country, it is too unstable" to "I gotta stay in this country and try to make it stable"
What a positive change in outlook! We should all do the same wherever we are. Be in the side getting things better, not running after the proverbial greener pastures.
A while ago I was saving up for a nintendo switch but wound up getting a DSLR, and now I've saved up for a beefy telephoto or macro lens - only to have my focus drift towards getting a drone. Or an e-bike/scooter. Or a new secondhand phone. Or a thousand other things that keep tempting me.. Does it still count as an impulse purchase if I've been lamenting over it for weeks?
I don't remember ever saving for any particular thing. Does this mean that I don't have shopping urges? Hell, no, I do! But when I have one, I give myself time to test the urge. Little things like asking myself if I truly need the thing do help, but, most importantly, I allow myself time to cool off the urge. If even after it has cooled down I still value the thing for its usefulness, then it gets approved and I buy it. In practice, very few things pass this test though...
Anyone ever programmed from within a VR desktop? I feel like it would be a good way to have a distraction-free workspace but I'm concerned about the uncomfortably low pixel density.
I haven't, but that must be such an experience. Kind of want to try it out now...
Kinda crazy how good api's are nowadays.. i havent really been working on anything that required one for maybe 10 yrs and back then they just seemed terrible.. this week alone integrated stripe and google maps in under an hour. pretty cool tbh
I've never integrated stripe, but I heard their API is top notch.