Lucas Nicodemus I've found myself increasingly exhausted with keeping up with Twitter lately. Tweetbot has been at 1k+ unread for a while, and I've had to add about 20 mute filters to remove Pokemon Go from my timeline. I feel like aggressively filtering my feed isn't healthy, so I might just quit all together for a while. Time to use Sublevel for real?
Martijn What's wrong with unfollowing and filtering people off your feed? Sounds healthy enough. People who feel they cannot unfollow (or unfriend) people on social media are acting way more unhealthy.
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Lucas Nicodemus This is a fair enough point, but part of it is the notion that I'm public on Twitter, and thus, even if I unfollow people, they can definitely still read my tweets. Even if I block someone, they can read them incognito. I could switch to a protected account, but then I lose a lot of what I use twitter for (reaching out to people I don't normally reach out to, being retweeted, retweeting, etc).
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