🧉 Martin A few years ago I decided to learn Esperanto (the constructed language). I now spend anywhere from a few hours to a few days per week speaking it with friends from around the world. AMA :) (or just shake your head disapprovingly)
🪐 Danilo What languages do you speak? Have you considered learning some other constructed language at the time? Maybe lojban?
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🧉 Martin I speak some German, and I'm *slowly* learning Hebrew. Lojban never interested me much, but I'd love to learn a bit of Volapuk. I've dabbled in Toki Pona, which I'd like to put some more time into as I have friends who can speak it well. Toki Pona is considered the "sekreta lingvo inter Esperantistoj" (secret language for Esperanto speakers), since Esperanto quickly loses that attribute during Esperanto gatherings :) How about you?
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🪐 Danilo Hadn't heard of volapuk before! Nice. I speak portuguese and started learning a bit of german on duolingo a while ago; I dropped studying it(for now) so I only know a phrase or two. Still, I find it so cool to see how similar it is to english; I didn't experience/don't remember/experienced in a different way when learning english!
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