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Marlow How many people use ?
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🧙 Lucian Marin I found your update on the 11th page of the new feed. So it's to close to 111 people between January and April.
Marlow So many people getting banned from . Milo for one, but surprised Arsenal fan DT getting banned for wanting a change of manager. I wonder why they don't jump along here on sublevel. It's roomy - more space for words and thoughts.
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Mark Dain Not surprising honestly, a lot of people browse the web on their phones & tablets
Marlow We need a new verb that's input ambiguous, like scroll. Something that means click + tap and also point-at/select-without-touching (VR).
Martijn I have an interesting dating conundrum: how do I make sure girls don't assume me to be gay?
Marlow Check out other girls when she's not watching, but let her "catch you" a few times. She'll think you're a bit of a playa', but she won't think you're gay.
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Marlow If anyone is interested in creating screenplay snippets on , tell Slack! I already told them, they're gauging the interest in the issue. #fountain.io
Martijn I looked into Fountain once, for use in transcripts. Always happy to see it spread!
Marlow The sorry state of the CBC - broken links, broken system and broken promises. goo.gl/xvqSFG
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Marlow Hiff - to exhale audibly through the nose in suppressed or slightly-amused laughter. He hiffed when I told him I could fly.
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Marlow "I'm scared for my life..." "Listen... do you know what fear stands for?" "What do you mean?" "False evidence appearing real." "Fear actually comes from gefaer - which literally means danger... Fear literally comes from danger."
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Marlow Just finished Season 2 of . Still can't remember anyone's name. I told my girlfriend that "Rachel McAdams and Tim Riggins crashed an orgy." That's the best you're gonna get from me.
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Marlow For example, in Breaking Bad Hank's discovery of Heisenberg's identity was a cliffhanger, but the issue was not resolved in the next episode - it just kept escalating until the end. The conflict between Walt/Jesse and Gus was not a single episode, but it was continuous until the end of the season. Boring shows have a revolving door of villains and problems who are introduced and dealt with in a single episode.
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Marlow Some shows are highly episodic: a situation arises at the start of the episode and ends at the end of the episode. Every episode has a new story. Some are a bit more suspenseful: the episodes end with a cliffhanger of a problem that will be dealt with in the next episode. Sometimes that's a shallow cliffhanger - the problem is solved in the first 5 mins of the next episode, sometimes it's deeper - the whole episode is spent dealing with it, resolving it and then ends with a new cliffhanger. The best shows have longer arcs of suspense - sub-plots, mini-cliffhangers, episodic events, but you see that something big is developing.
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Marlow In a TV show, you shouldn't have long pieces of music (singer singing, band performing, etc), at the expense of a story. Watching a singer sing for 5 minutes can get real boring real quick. You could always watch them start the song and continue playing over a video montage of actual things happening. That's why Breaking Bad's music scenes are fun while Treme feels like a musical sometimes and gets boring.
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Marlow It's when all the scared rats start running away from the sinking market that the true entrepreneurs come in. True visionaries.
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Marlow Chelsea won't win the league or the Champions League this year. They just won't, even if they panic buy this winter.
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Marlow Human memory is so powerful, yet we still have to write things down to remember them - addresses, phone numbers, names, lyrics, words. Despite having zettabytes of memory in our brains, we still can't write something like a number to the database. Our memory is basically all RAM. Ask someone to repeat "53467402" and they could probably do it. Ask them 5 minutes later what the line was and it's gone. It's all RAM.
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Marlow I just watched the Godfather (I and II). It does insist upon itself.
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